Beto Perez - Zumba

International Zumba megastar Beto Perez at Prague’s Reebok WELLNESS MARATHON 2015!
Columbian dancer, choreographer and above all the creator of Zumba fitness work out invented this program accidentally when he forgot to bring his tape with aerobics music to class he was teaching. Beto had to improvise and figure out the moves that went well with the only music he had – salsa and merengue. And Zumba, worldwide hit combining salsa, merengue, samba, belly dance, cha cha, hip hop music and more, was born! Today this fitness program is popular in more than 125 countries, Zumba Fitness Company is training and licensing instructors all over the world, producing work out DVDs and putting out its own clothing line called ZUMBA wear. ZUMBA is so successful that it has even been compared to brands such as Apple.

European Team

RWM 2015 gives you a chance to share the stage with creator of Zumba himself!

The European Team consisting of the best ZUMBA instructors from 21 different countries has been chosen to become the opening act of Beto Perez show!

Alejandro Angulo - Salsation

Audience sweetheart Alejandro Angulo – professional dancer, choreographer and founder of truly thrilling Salsation!
Originally from Venezuela Alejandro‘s passion for dance and music inspires him to travel around the world and spread Salsation madness amongst other fitness fans. The name Salsation comes originally from two words - Salsa and Sensation and creates an unique concept that mainly focuses on putting body and mind in symbiosis. It’s based on different rhythms, dance styles and cultures and above all aims for deepening the interaction and connection between instructor and his class.

Tina & Dennis Thomsen - URBHANIZE®

Masala Bhangra is a history, welcome 2015 hottest news!
URBHANIZE is derived from two words and two different cultures.  URBHANIZE is the program that uniquely merges HipHop culture with the Indian culture through dance and movement. Burn calories on the most fun and most effective way in this truly amazing Dance Fitness workout. HipHop and Bhangra is the perfect match with the fun and challenging HipHop moves combined with the large and powerful Bhangra moves. URBHANIZE is good for everyone and taught in an easy to follow format with cool and modern music.

Anet Antošová - Twerk

Czech star Anet is introducing her global hit!
Anet is a professional choreographer, dancer, dance lecturer and student of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of Charles University. As a dancer she is searched for musical and theatre projects, as well as TV shows and concert tours. As a dance lecturer she teaches in a newly opened Czech dance studio Stage "Dance Heaven above Prague", but she is also being invited to teach at various dance workshops and tours all around the world. During the Reebok Wellness Marathon she will introduce us the best of her creation.

Petter Ehrnvall - BODYCOMBAT®

Petter, training director of Les Mills, introducing BODYCOMBAT!
Petter is based in Stockholm, Sweden. His daily work is managing Les Mills master trainers, secure Les Mills quality of instructor education, certification and ongoing education. Petter’s broad background in sports gives him a deep platform of knowledge to draw experience from. Most of the time Petter travels the globe to present at Fitness convents, workshops and educate instructors and he also is one of the masterminds on developing Les Mills GRIT® Series, which is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) from Les Mills. He is a presenter and instructor in RPM®, BODYPUMP®, CXWORX®, BODYCOMBAT® and GRIT™ SERIES. Petter is a sponsored Reebok Athlete.